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Friday, February 04, 2005

The Long Game - Don't Try to Kill the Ball

The one area of the game that separates a good golfer from a high handicappers is the ability to hit a long iron shot.

Most high handicappers find the long irons the most difficult clubs to hit. However, the truth is they are not as difficult as they appear. The best thing to remember on long iron shots is not to try to hit the ball any harder than a short iron shot. The key to make this happen is to try to not make it happen but let it happen. Don't try to hit the ball hard to get more distance. In fact, don't try to hit the ball at all. Just swing naturally at the ball. Take an easy swing just like you would with a short iron and think of the ball as merely a point on the path of your swing. You most likely won't be able to hit a 3 iron 260 yards like the pros do but you can achieve good distance with your long irons. Master this and you'll soon be smacking your long irons better than ever.


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