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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Long Game - How to Hit the Ball High

One of the hardest things to do is to hit the ball high into the air. Here's how I do it. First of all don't change your swing. Just make two minor adjustments to your stance.

First, play the ball slightly forward of where you would normally play it. If you usually position it off your left instep, move it about a ball-width forward. Wherever your normal ball position is, that is the position that allows you to hit the ball at the bottom of your downswing, moving the ball forward in your stance from this position will get yo tol hit it at the beginning of your upswing.

Second, redistribute your weight slightly at address, so that you feel a bit more weight on your right side. This will shift your center of gravity, and your swing center, behind the ball a bit. This is where your center of gravity needs to be at impact if you want to hit the ball on a high trajectory.

Then just make a normal swing and follow all the way through the shot. Above all, don't try to hit up on the ball. With the changes you've made at address, you'll do that naturally.


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