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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Sand Play - The Fairway Bunker Shot

You crack off a great drive only to find yourself in a fairway bunker. It always seem like the people who design golf courses always put those things in wrong place. Anyway, you still have 150 yards to the hole what do you do?

The swing is a little different in this situation. Let me explain. First of all you want to use a club that is 2 clubs more than the club you would typically hit for the distance you want to hit the ball. For 150 yards if you would typically hit a 6 iron you should use a 4 iron.

The Setup - Dig into the sand and keep the weight evenly distributed between right and left but more towards the insides of your feet. Choke down slightly on the club (about an inch). Play the ball in the middle of your stance.

The Swing - Here is the key to the swing. Keep the lower body as still as possible. Because you're in the sand your stance is not as stable as it would be on solid ground. If you try to take a big swing at the ball with a lot of leg action your swing plane will shift and you'll need to make adjustments. Trying to make adjustments during the swing is bad and you don't want to do that. Concentrate on keeping your legs and hips quiet during the swing while still acheiving a full shoulder turn. Use your normal swing speed and try to clip the ball off the sand taking as little sand as possible.

Tip - For longer shots out of fairway bunkers you'll be better off using a lofted wood than an iron. A 7 wood often is an ideal club to clip the ball off the sand and send it a good distance down the fairway or onto the green. Depending on the distance I want the ball to go and my lie in the sand and whether or not there is a lip I need to clear I've even hit my driver out of the sand.


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