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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sand Play - Hitting Out of Wet Sand

What do you do when you've hit hit your ball into wet sand? Here's how I handle this situation. I'll set up to the ball just as I would for a normal sand shot except for a couple of very important differences. First, instead of opening up the clubface I'll keep my clubface square to my target line. Second, since the clubface is square to the target line I'll be a little less aggressive with my swing by taking a shorter backswing.
If you keep your clubface open in wet sand the flange of the club will tend to bounce off the wet sand rather than digging into it and we don't want that to happen. By squaring the clubface you'll eliminate this bouncing off the sand. Hit behind the ball about an inch or two but remember to be a little less aggressive. The club will dig in and the ball will pop out.


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