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Friday, February 11, 2005

The Short Game - The Birds Nest

Your ball is lying in heavy grass making it look like an egg in a nest. There is a bunker between you and the flag. What do you do?

You need to get a
lofted clubface under the ball. At the same time you need to make sure that the the club doesn't get caught up in the grass causing the ball to land in the sand. So here's the answer. Choose the sand wedge. The sand wedge is the most lofted club in your bag. The heavy flange will cut through the grass allowing you to get under the ball.

Open the clubface to increase the loft of the club. To accommodate for the opening of the clubface, adjust your stance to the left. This will make it easier to get the club under the ball. Here's the key to the shot. You don't want to hit the ball onto the green you want to hit the entire birds nest onto the green. You'll need to take a good swing because the birds nest is much heavier then the ball. On the downswing hit behind the ball focusing on sliding the the club under the entire birds nest, be aggressive and follow through and the ball will pop up and onto the green.


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