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Monday, February 07, 2005

The Short Game - Chipping and the Grip

Chipping is very similar to putting. You have to develop a feel for it and build a method that works for you. Once you've discovered a method that works you should stick with it no matter how unorthodox it is. The method I teach is a little different than most but it works well for most people that try it. If you would like to learn more about my method visit my web site

The Biomechanics of the Golf Swing

Regardless of the method you use there is one rule of chipping that is universal. Grip down on the club. Once I'm within about 50 yards of the hole I begin to choke down on my grip. The closer to the hole the more I choke down. Sometimes I even choke down all the way to the metal. There are 2 reasons why you should do this also.

1) It improves your touch. When you choke down on the club you move your hands closer to the clubhead and the ball which in turn increases your feel for the shot.

2) By lessening the distance between your hands and the clubhead you cut back on the arc of the swing. This smaller arc automatically shortens the shot without you having to make big adjustments in your swing length or pace and it allows you to take a good, crisp, authoritative swing without worrying about hitting the ball past the pin.

Go down to your local practice range and give it a try. You'll soon discover how much to choke down on the club from various distances and you'll be knocking the ball close to the pin consistently.


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