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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Short Game - Use Different Clubs

A lot of golfers use the same club every time they have a have a shot around the green. While this method may work for some players I personally don't recommend it. Why try to adapt one club to every situation when you have a bag full of clubs that will do the job for you.

When you are greenside your goal should be to get the ball rolling like a putt as soon as possible. By getting the ball rolling as soon as possible you stand a better chance of getting the ball close to the hole. Therefore, you should select the club with the least loft possible, given the situation at hand. If you have to play over a hazard you wouldn't do this but if you have a clear run at the flag get the ball rolling ASAP. For short shots use a wedge or 9 iron. As the distance increases move down to your middle irons. On long chips I'll often move down to a 4 or 5 iron. Regardless of which club you use always use the same swing. By keeping your swing consistent, you remove the doubts from the shot. A firm, confident swing will put the ball close to the pin consistantly.


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