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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Difficult Lies - The Deep Sand Save

Your approach shot has landed in a greenside bunker that's so deep the wall towers over your head. Should you play out laterally or go for the pin? This is a scary shot and one that many average golfers will leave in the trap. However, once you know how to play this shot it's not really that difficult. The correct shot to hit is an explosion shot that flies high, easily clears the wall of the bunker and lands on the green. So let's look at the proper way to hit this shot.

1) The Grip - the proper grip on this shot will have your hands down the shaft so that your right thumb and index finger are wrapped around the metal of the shaft (right-handers). The clubface should be turned wide open and your grip should be on the weak side. You need lively hands to keep your clubhead speed up on this shot. A weak grip will help keep your hands lively. To make the grip weak do the following. Look down at your left hand, you should see 3 knuckles, if you don't rotate your left hand until you do.

2) The Stance - Now that you have the proper grip aim your clubface and your feet straight down your target line. Now open your stance wide by bringing your left foot back to a 45 degee angle from the target line while keeping your clubface straight along the target line.

Your feet should be spread wide, slightly more than shoulder width apart. This will require you to bend a little more at the waist to get the clubface behind the ball.

3) The Swing - The hands need to be extra active for this shot to work. That's why we weakened our grip. On the back swing pick the clubhead straight up with a quick break of the wrists, then bring the clubface back so that it hits about an inch-and-a-half behind the ball. Your swing should be hard but controlled. The harder you hit down on the ball the higher it will fly. It's better to be long on this shot than short because you don't want to hit it again out of this lie. So don't be afraid to use some force on this shot. Most importantly, follow through, don't leave the clubface stuck in the sand or your ball will still be in the sand too.


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