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Monday, March 21, 2005

Fixing Common Mistakes - Improper Grip

We all go through periods where we're just not hitting the ball right. It can be very frustrating to not be able to hit the ball the same way you did yesterday or last week. When a situation like this arises the best thing you can do is not to panic. The problem usually can be traced back to something as simple your grip, or a faulty take away. So when everything seems to go bad go back to basics and make sure your fundamentals are sound.

Tha Fault - Improper Grip

The way you grip the club has a huge effect on ball flight and your swing plane. For example, if you grip the club with a weak grip, meaning your right hand (if you're a righty)sits too much on top of the club, then your right shoulder is probably higher then it should be and your body is most likely aimed left of your target. This will cause an open clubface at impact along with an outside in swing path. The result? An ugly shot.

The Cure - Remember your V's

Make sure your grip is correct. Put your left hand on the club first, you should be able to see two-and-a-half to three knuckles. Then, place the right hand on the club. The "V's" formed by the thumb and forefinger on both hands should point between your right ear and right shoulder. One very important point to remember, you can't hit a golf ball if your squeezing the club too tight. A tight grip means there's lots of tension built up in your muscles. Your grip pressure must remain loose.


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