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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Fixing Common Mistakes - Improper Set Up

Yesterday we discussed how a bad grip can lead to poor results. However, if you grip is OK and you're still having problems the next area to look at is the set up.

The Fault - Improper Set-Up

If you're consistantly hitting the ball off your intended target line and the problem isn't your grip than the next most likely culprit can be traced to your set-up. If your body isn't properly aligned to your target line it is almost impossible to bring the club back to the ball on the proper swing plane. The result will be an inside-out or an outside-in swing that will result in either an ugly slice or a big draw.

The Cure - Get into the Proper Position

The best and easiest way to bring the club back to the ball on the proper swing plane is to make sure that your body is in balance and is correctly aligned to your target. Start by placing your feet shoulder width apart and square to your target. The best way to determine where you're aiming is to place the club across your thighs. Where your clubhead is facing is the direction you're aiming. Next, make sure sure your weight is evenly distributed between your feet. Your knees should be flexed slightly. Bend over from the hips and keep your spine straight. Let your arms hang down naturally and place the club behind the ball. Stay loose! From this position you're all set to give the ball a good ride.


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