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Monday, March 28, 2005

Fixing Common Mistakes - The Waggle

Every golfer performs a waggle of one sort or another before hitting the ball. The purpose of the waggle is to keep the muscles loose and get the juices flowing prior to hitting the ball. There is no one right way to waggle but there is a wrong way.

You should never do anything during the waggle that will cause you to alter your stance or change your aim. The waggle should get you into a position so that you get a proper turn of the shoulders during the swing. The best way to achieve this is with a one piece waggle.

Try using this waggle before each shot. Keep your wrists firm (don't allow them to break), move the club back and forth by rotating the shoulders not by moving the arms back and forth. Make two or three waggles to get the feeling of bringing the club away from the ball by executuing a proper shoulder turn, then swing. If you do this you'll encourage a backswing that is controlled by turning the body rather than your arms. This will result in a proper coiling of your upper body which means greater torque. This increased torque will lead to greater distance.


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