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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Full Swing - Begin at the End

The best way to correct any flaws you have in your swing is to begin at the end. What I mean by this is you should work on the end of your swing. That's right the end. It should be your goal to finish your swing properly with your weight fully transferred onto your left side, right foot on its toe, belt buckle facing your target and your hands up by your left ear. Remember, a good finish shows what came before. If your finish is good than the swing that got you there was good and if your finish is bad than your swing was bad. Strive to obtain a good finish on every shot and you'll see those mishits disappear.

Try this drill if you're having problems finishing your swing. Using a 5 iron set up to the ball as you normally would. Now, without swing the club move into the pefect finishing position as I described above. From this position I want you to swing the club back down past the ball and to the top of your backswing and then swing down and thru and hit the ball striving to obtain the perfect finish you started with. You'll probably hit an ugly shot the first couple of times you try this drill but that's OK. Keep at it for a while and you'll start making solid contact and your swing will become nice and smooth and your flaws should disappear.


At 6:57 AM, Blogger dave said...

I tried this out in the yard but without balls. I did it for a long time and then did a couple and it they went far out into the lake. I am going to take it to the driving range tomorrow.


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