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Friday, May 27, 2005

The Full Swing - How to Make Good Contact

Most golfers are under the mistaken impression that the toe of the club should be pointing straight up when it is at hip height on the backswing. If you think about it however, in order to do this you have to rotate your hands to the inside. Try it in slow motion and you'll see I'm right. By rotating the hands all you've accomplished is opening up the clubface. Now, in order to get the club back to square at impact you must be in recovery mode on the downswing. More than likely you'll wind up coming back to the ball from over the top in order to square up the clubface at impact.

The proper position for the toe of the club at waist height is a slight tilt towards the target line so that the leading edge of the clubface is the same as the angle as your spine. If you do can accomplish this, both your spine angle and your clubface angle will be square. Now with both angles square at hip height you can achieve a square clubface at the top of your swing which will allow you to achieve square solid impact.

Practice this technique in slow motion bringing the club back just to hip height. Don't rotate the wrists or arms. Wear your glove when you do this drill. The logo on the glove should point out. if the logo's pointing up you've rotated your wrists or arms and opened up the clubface.


At 3:09 PM, Blogger dave said...

There is just so much to think about and how is that accomplished when you are playing. It just seems like too much for the few seconds of a swing.

At 9:00 PM, Blogger The Golf Swing said...

Hey Dave

I agree you can't think about all of this while you're swinging the club. The swing happens too fast. Once the club has gone back to waist height everything happens too quickly from that point on for your mind to tell your muscles what to do. What should should do is practice this in slow motion so you get the feeling of where your club should be when it gets to waist height. Once this feeling is ingrained in you it will happen without thinking about it during your real swing.



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