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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Long Game - Don't Let the Long Irons Intimidate You

For many golfers the long irons can be quite intimidating. If you have problems hitting your long irons the problem can probably be traced back to an excess amount of tension in your arms or improper movement of the body.

Most golfers feel the need to take a bigger and longer backswing when hitting these irons. This train of thought however, can lead to excess movement of the upper body. This excess movement can cause you to either pull off the ball on the backswing or pull up on the dowswing. The result of both is a poorly hit shot.

The key to avoiding either of the above is to focus on the angle of your spine and a good light grip. When you take your stance bend at the hips and focus on keeping your butt out and up. Keeping this feeling of having your butt sticking out throughout the swing along with a light grip will allow you to have a tension free swing that will sweep the ball off the ground toward your target.


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