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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Mental Game - It's Good to be the Underdog

You're a high handicap golfer so no one expects you to play well. That's a good thing because it allows you to look at your mistakes, and you're going to make your share of them, as opportunities. When things go bad don't get upset. I know that sounds ridiculously easy to say but very hard to do. Look at your mistakes as learning experiences then forget about the bad shot or hole and start to concentrate on the shot at hand.

As an example, you've hit an ugly slice into the trees. Does it do you any good to get all upset about the shot? Obviously it doesn't because that shot is history, you can't take it back. What you should start to think about is how am I going to recover. You should also look at it as a chance to surprise your partners by playing a smart shot and escaping relatively unscathed. Hey, you're a high handicap golfer and nobody is expecting you to hit a good recovery shot, so you're in the position to get a good deal of satisfaction by hitting a good recovery shot and turning their expectations upside-down.

The same goes for a series of bad holes, when others expect you to fall apart. Use the opportunity to stick with your shot-by-shot, hole-by-hole approach. Following a string of bad holes with a string of good ones is incredibly satisfying.


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