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Friday, June 03, 2005

The Set Up - Alignment part 2

If you get the clubface square to the ball its easier to get the rest of your body to be square to your target. The best way I know to square up your clubface is the following. Begin by standing directly behind you ball. Pick out your target line and then pick out a spot a foot or two in front of the ball. This spot must be directly on the target line. It could be a twig, a blade of grass, a tee, it doesn't matter waht it is as long as it is directly on your target line. This spot now becomes your target when you're setting up. Now walk to your ball and place your club behind the ball so that it is perpendicular to your target line using your spot as your reference point.

Now take your grip on the club making sure the clubface stays square. Then align your feet perpendicular to the clubface and parallel to the target line. Now that your feet are square the rest of your body should also be square. Take one final check to make sure you're sqaure by looking at your mark on the ground and out to your actual target. If everything looks Ok then fire away.


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