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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Set Up - The Left Arm

The left arm forms the radius of your swing arc. If the left arm bends during the swing it will force the clubhead to move out of position forcing you to make adjustments during the swing to bring the club back to square at impact. The goal is to have the the left arm in the same position at impact as it was when you addressed the ball. To make sure this happens start with the left arm straight at address and concentrate on getting it square again at impact. It's almost impossible to not bend the left arm at all during the swing. Some bending will occur naturally. This natural bend of the arm will correct itself on the downswing due to the centrifugal force created during the swing. The key is to not let the arm bend any more than it naturally would during the swing.


At 9:10 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

how is my golf swing after you read this blog? Mine is good

At 3:16 PM, Blogger Gregory said...

Hi The Golf Swing,

I actually disagree with this tip. It's funny because I agree with everything you're saying about having a straight left arm. It should be straight throughout, returning to same spot as the setup. It is impossible to keep it completely straight as it will bend a little bit.

I disagree because I don't think you should think about your left arm when you swing the club. A swing mostly comes from the right hand and arm.

One of the keys to a powerful swing is width. If you keep your hands in front of your body and make a wide swing with a lot of leverage, your left arm will be straight. This comes from properly loading the club against your right shoulder and not letting it get behind your body.

You can find more information on how I make a wide swing here if you are interested: The Golf Backswing


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